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Saturday, March 23, 2013

My funny face...

Says Jorey's to me this morning, in response to me telling her she can't wear sweatpants today..."Your face looks funny"...which reminded me to get back on the blogging wagon.  Sometimes we all need a little support in the world of raising these rascals to not suck.  (Btw, I have been asked if the sweatpants can be worn and been told that she needs them apps 12 times while typing this post.  Sigh.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Someone new to the fam...

Brody married Alix.  She's a brave girl and is now part of the fam.  Macy & Norah were the flower girls.  We had a blast and danced the night away after all the important stuff.

Monday, April 30, 2012

We have bike riders...and other new & super wacky videos

It has been my slight obsession for the last couple years that I teach the ladies how to ride bike.  Slight setback when Macy was the biggest wienie that I had ever seen!  There were tears, then, complete muscle relaxation while riding, along with intentional sabotage...yes, I tell you...she would sabotage the effort in an attempt to get away from me faster.  Well, all it took is Jorey saying she wanted to do it and going on a pretty good ride, while a certain cute little neighbor from Macy's class was biking all around us watching...suddenly, she was a willing participant. (I will remember that cute boys = results).  Well, cute boys, combined with some pressure from younger sis.  Anyways, Macy took a few trips down the road and did great.  That was Friday night.  Saturday, we worked on it a little more...and by Sunday, It took 2 trips with Macy before I said she should go alone.  She did, she did great, and I would say it was a success. 
This is her first ride.  Who knows how to ride? - so excited!

So, after Macy got it, I said to Jorey that we had to get her going...the little stinker had figured it out on her own by just repeatedly pushing herself along on one leg and trying to pedal.  Amazing...
See Jorey's first ride here & here.
And, here's some more biking, complete with a wipeout by Jorey.

Then, aside from the biking excitement, I have some other snippets to share:
Grady (tank biggens) is finally trying to walk here & here

You want entertainment?  Get your kids a keyboard with headphones - they're in their own little world - As you can see, Macy likes to rock here

Sometimes, kids are lunatics...Here's one of those moments by Macy

This was from a couple months back...Jorey is such a nerd - well, just see for yourself

Macy explains her theory on Easter (there was a longer version before this...but I had to try to capture it)

And, we have fed Grady many lemons because we're evil and we really like to watch his faces and laugh at him.  Enjoy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Sleepovers

Macy got invited to stay overnight at a waterpark with her best buddy, Zak.  Jorey was slightly bent out of shape, so it's great that Brianna was available for a night on the town with Grady, Mom, and Jorey.  We hung out at Chuck E Cheese until about 9:00 and it was so fun.  We came home, read a few books, and got tucked in for the night...about an hour after bed, I went to check on the two little turkeys...Still awake...and then Jorey turned on Brianna and said it was her fault because she kept talking when she was trying to sleep!  bwaaahaaaa!  What a sassafrass.  

Zak's mom was kind enough to send a few pics of Macy and Zak, too.  Poor thing...doesn't look like she's having any fun.  :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just a Swingin...

Though I've said we can't go to the lizard park until my wimpy girls will learn to ride their bikes, I did allow the trips to our other two parks...that are within hot-wheel distance.
They love our trips...

"Can I eat this, yet?  No?  Well, turn around and talk to the girls so I can try to sneak one in, quick."

What up Jorey

Macy, you're funny.

And, Grady wasn't too sure he loved swinging, but I think he's on board, now.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Workin' on some mad softball skills

We were able to get the girls on the same softball team for this summer, starting in May.  There are two extreme positives to this situation.  1, they won't have to play with all people they don't know...not that it's a huge deal, but this should help.  2.  I only take them both to one practice time, location, event.  :)  It has begun...I now will need my soccer mom mini van to transport these ladies to their events. 
Due to this fabulous early spring weather, we've been able to get out and hit balls several times, already.   Dad even uses their pink gloves when working on their techniques with them.

Future middle all stars for Rosemount?  Hmmm...